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Online Books

War on Terror - Propaganda and Reality - What the war on terror is really about. It's neither a crusade against Islam (as Bin Laden would have us believe) nor a war in defence of freedom and democracy and against torture, terrorism and dictatorship (as Bush and McCain tell us). It's a fight for power and profit - particularly through control of oil and gas reserves and pipelines - and the actual similarities with World War Two are not the ones usually pointed to.(last edited August 2008)

Iraq - Propaganda and Reality (last edited in mid-2007) - The official propaganda line on Iraq and the realities as told by British and American troops, western journalists and aid workers and Iraqis themselves ; Why Nick Cohen and Tony Blair are wrong about Iraq and wrong about the Stop the War Coalition (Also see Reply to John Gray on this.)

Online book - Israel - Palestine : Propaganda and Reality : Last edited December 2007 (This isnt in completely finished form but most is readable and sourced.).......Saying Palestinian terrorists kill Israeli civilians in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a fact and not controversial or doubted by many people ; Another fact though - and one which arouses extreme controversy and denials - is that systematic war crimes by the Israeli government and military are being revealed by their own soldiers ; and Israel's government doesn't recognise Palestinians' right to exist any more than some of Hamas recognise Israel's - It's time to drop the pretence that the Israeli government is too morally superior to negotiate with Hamas. As Northern Ireland and other conflicts show even war criminals and terrorists can negotiate peace though - and plenty of Israelis and Palestinians want a fair and lasting peace. They need our support though and our pressure on our governments to end the bias towards Israel's government and the sanctions that are killing Palestinian civilians in Gaza. includes photos and accounts from eye-witness 'Wendy Palestine' of the International Women's Peace Service - Also see 'Israel-Palestine and the Gaza crisis' , written 19th Jan 2008, as well as these posts on my blog on the situation from late 2008 to early 2009 and this this one on senior Israeli figures backing talks with Hamas without preconditions, as well as Seven lies that kill and the truth

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Articles and updates

Why Welfare to work won't work - December 2010 - Politicians and tabloid newspapers tell us the unemployed are mostly lazy and the poor are mostly unemployed. This is a return to the early 19th century myth of the poor being poor due to their own moral failings. Even the (politically massaged) government statistics show there are more unemployed than job vacancies even in recessions - and that more than half the poor (including many of the poorest) in the UK are in work. That's why "welfare to work" doesn't work. It increased poverty in the US and it'll do the same in the UK. We need in work benefits and/or a higher minimum wage and/or more jobs provided by government

Sri Lanka - power of a bad example - May 2009 - The killing of civilians in Sri Lankan army’s campaign against the Tamil Tigers – and their denial of it - follows the bad example set by the US and its allies in their war on terror from Afghanistan to Gaza.

Mistakes from Iraq to Af-Pak - May 2009 - The Obama administration's offensives by NATO and the Afghan army in Afghanistan and the Pakistan army in North-West Pakistan repeat the mistakes made in Iraq from 2004, when one battle after another was 'won' against the insurgents while killing large numbers of civilians and making hundreds of thousands homeless. Each battle 'won' this way lost the war by turning people against the government and its foreign allies and towards the insurgents. It's a pointless waste of lives.

Seven Solutions - May 2009 - Seven effective ways to defeat extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You don't make people less extreme by killing members of their family or leaving them homeless and without an income. You do it by providing them with an education and legal ways to make a decent living. Solutions include legalisation of poppy crops for medical opiate painkillers, building factories in these countries to process the opiates into painkillers and ending counter-productive air-strikes and offensives.

The Iranian missile tests - July 2008 - Iranian missile tests are a response to Israeli air force exercises and the Bush administration's threats and recently stepped up covert operations inside Iran. Gullibility among much of the media has caused huge numbers of deaths in Iraq. Reporting in context about Iran, without hype, could prevent another million deaths.

Get Sadr? - The War for the Oil Law July 2008 - The way the Bush administration, coalition forces and the Iraqi government carry out a war 'on the militias' that targets some and leaves others guilty of similar crimes alone suggests the war on Al Sadr and his Madhi army militia may be more to do with Sadrist MPs opposition to the occupation and the new US backed oil law than 'Iranian influence' or 'sectarian violence'. The way to get rid of political extremism and violence in Iraq is to end military offensives and raids, forgive Iraq's debt and give it massive foreign aid or war reparations to end the mass poverty, unemployment and warfare which are the main causes of sectarian violence and extreme religious and nationalist politics.

Why Musharraf isn't a 'key ally in the war on terror' 22nd February 2008 - Musharraf and Pakistan's military arent moderates but allies of violent fundamentalists who continue to train, arm and fund terrorist groups - so why are the British and American governments funding them and demanding the secular parties who just won elections keep Musharraf in office and the head of the Supreme Court he unconstitutionally sacked out of office?

Israel – Palestine and the Gaza crisis : and a reply to M Green and Joy Wolfe 19th January 2008 - Olmert's government seems to believe dividing and undermining Palestinian leaders is a smart tactic ; they'd be better to negotiate with those who've offered to negotiate (including elected Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh) instead of strengthening extremists through sanctions and military action that kill innocent people as surely as rockets or suicide bombings

The Risks of Action (December 2007) - Most of the debate on Iran's nuclear programme and whether its civilian or military, like the debate on whether Saddam had WMDs, misses the point. Its not whether they exist but whether "rogue states" or terrorist groups would really use them first if they had them - and whether by "acting" with air strikes, "tactical" nuclear strikes or all out invasion against Iran or Al Qa'ida in Pakistan we could create a self-fulfilling prophecy about a threat which currently doesn't exist

An interview with Chris Walker on Iraq - (October 2007) - Chris Walker is a retired planning expert and civil engineer from Scotland who worked in Iraq in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq war. He's a critic of the Iraq war who is well known to readers of the Herald newspaper (a Scottish newspaper based in Glasgow) for his letters on Iraq. I asked him some questions on Iraq

Blair's recycled propaganda - (October 2007) - Blair has learned nothing from the Iraq war. From beyond the political grave he's recycling the same propaganda for another war against a non-existent "threat" - this time in Iran

The real reasons for Galloway's suspension from parliament - (August 2007) - It wasn't only lefties who were calling for an end to sanctions that were killing ordinary Iraqis without removing Saddam from power - Senior US Generals and UN officials were too - but was the chair of the Parliamentary Standards and Privileges Committee ?

John Lyons is no sell-out - (August 2007) - This is a reply to a Nick Cohen article referring to former Labour MP John Lyons and Alastair Campbell as if they were comparable. It also questions Cohen's implication that Lyons has somehow "sold out" by acting as a consultant in a dispute between FirstGroup and the Teamsters Union, despite union membership among FirstGroup employees having risen sharply after reforms recommended in Lyons' first report.

Torture - it's not just a few soldiers out of control - The mountain of evidence provided by British and American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and by human rights organisations showing the Bush administration and British government have a tacit policy of torture - and so do the forces of the new governments they've installed

New Improved Double-Think - July 2007 - Watch and be Amazed as Wild Billy Kristol, Manly Bob Kagan and Torture Justify’in Al Dershowitz hold two mutually incompatible beliefs simultaneously at great risk to their little remaining credibility! (Such as that George Tenet is a known liar - and that George Tenet's says in his new book that Saddam was working with Al Qa'ida - so that must prove it)

Iraq - Propaganda and Reality - Why Nick Cohen and Tony Blair are wrong about Iraq and wrong about the Stop the War Coalition

The Persian Problem (short version) - What should we do about Iran? - June 2007 - (this is a short article of under 1200 words on Iran briefly covering the nuclear programme , human rights issues and terrorism)

Reply to John Gray - Blogger John Gray's lies about John McDonnell MP, the Stop the War Coalition, Iraqi Trade Unions and myself - and the truth

Yeltsin - No Democrat - Boris Yeltsin wasn't a drunken democrat - he was a dictator who sent the army to shell parliament and sold his peoples' assets off on the cheap

Murky Waters - British sailors and marines being held by Iran are part of events which are less clear cut than Blair has suggested - but there may still be a way to get them home safely

Budget response March 2007 - Brown has taken from the poorest to give to big companies and thrown more money into the black subsidy hole of PFIs in the NHS that will result in the higher spending producing cuts in staff and beds

Prejudice against all immigrants - Is it any better than racism?

Unfriendly fire - The killing of ITN journalist Terry Lloyd in Iraq was not an isolated incident

Why Dannatt was right - There are several reasons why the head of the British army - General Dannatt - was right when he said that British forces should be brought home from Iraq and soon

Starving Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban - Why the war on drugs we're pushing on the Afghan government is causing starvation , increasing heroin production and forcing farmers into the hands of the Taliban - and the legal alternative suggested by the Senlis Council of using poppies for painkilling pharmaceuticals.

John Reid for Labour leader? - What has he actually done in all his ministerial posts? - and why John McDonnell MP would be better

Hezbollah, Jesus and Tommy Sheridan (2006) - There is a right to resist occupation but two wrongs don't make a right - and Hezbollah targeting civilians is as much a war crime as Israel doing it

Lebanon : No barrier to an immediate ceasefire (2006) : Hezbollah can't be defeated militarily , is being made more popular by Israel's attacks on Lebanon and is offering a ceasefire and negotiations on disarmament. So why isn't every government demanding an immediate ceasefire? Ask the Israeli, British and American governments to demand an immediate ceasefire

Negotiation - The Only Realistic Option (2006) - The last Israel-Lebanon war showed neither side can win in the Israel Lebanon Palestine / occupied territories war. Three democratically elected governments say they can't negotiate with terrorists - yet many democratically elected governments - including these three - include people guilty of war crimes or terrorism.

Islam and Human Rights (2006) - Hakan Suslu discusses the different interpretations of Islam and the Qur'an and how they relate to human rights - Can they be reconciled? Is there any necessary conflict between them ?

The real enemy (2006) - Military force and economic sanctions as responses to terrorism are failing because they are strategies which kill the innocent with the guilty as much as any suicide bombing - and don't treat Iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians as human beings whose lives are each worth the same as an Israeli, American or British life.

Shifting the Blame (2006) - Blair tries to blame British Muslims for the growth of Al Qa'ida - but the wars he continues are the terrorists' best recruiting sergeants

You can't teach old collaborators human rights (2006) - The same Military Intelligence units involved in collaborating with terrorists to kill Patrick Finucane and other innocent people in Northern Ireland were also involved in the killing of Jean Charles De Menezes - and in operations in Iraq

John Reid claims weakening the Geneva Conventions would make our troops lives easier (2006) - the reality is it would put them in greater danger

Rusty Jack (2006) - Jack Straw claims the Geneva Conventions are 'rusty'

Jack & Condi's BAE adventure (2006) - Condoleeza Rice visits Jack Straw and they get a warm welcome from BAE Systems - 31st March 2006

Getting the people who didn't do this thing (2006) - Massacres of civilians in Iraq are microcosms of the whole war

When Dick Met Katrina - (2006) - The total failure of the Bush administration to prepare for hurricanes or help the survivors shows they don't even value Americans' lives

Thickly Padded Stories - August 2005 - On the many self-contradictions and lies told by police spokespeople about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes - they claimed they had reasons to suspect him of being a suicide bomber- the truth was they had none (some links updated December 2010).

Iraq: Should we stay or should we go?

Scottish Left Review article on Habeas Corpus and terrorism laws (link now updated)

FotH articles on the war on terror and the Iraq war written from 2001-2004 (link down as website no longer exists - will gradually repost articles on this site)

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My Blog 'In Place of Fear'

Multi-author Blog 'Alienated Left'

Justice for Gordon Gentle Campaign

Stop the War Coalition (UK)

Glasgow Stop the War Coalition

John McDonnell for Labour leader

Justice for Jean Menezes campaign

Military Families Against the War

Craig Murray - the ambassador who spoke out against torture

Friends of the Heroes

Glasgow Palestinian Human Rights Campaign

World Development Movement

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Witch Grove - Wiccan site

Mab of Dream

Blairwatch - Chronicling the demise of the New Labour project

Friends of the Earth


Isabel Losada the author of 'For Tibet, with Love'

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Murder in Samarkand documents links via Craig Murray

British government seeks to supress evidence of it's involvement with Karimov's dictatorship in Uzbekistan - Craig Murray's book 'Murder in Samarkand' on his time as British ambassador to Uzbekistan is now available from amazon. Emails, telegrams and official documents which prove Murray's claims that he had informed the government of torture and killings by Karimov's regime with their only response being to institute disciplinary proceedings against him are on his website - and reproduced here (and at many other sites) as back-up. The British government has threatened legal action to force Craig to take them down - they claim the Foreign Office has copyright on them. Note that they don't question their authenticity - only ownership of them. Craig has been forced to comply because, while he would probably win the case, the legal costs would be prohibitive.

The disputed documents are backed up here and by many others

See Craig Murray's website for more details

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The Call by Regina Spektor

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word

And then that word grew louder and louder
'Til it was a battle cry

I'll come back
When you call me
No need to say goodbye

Just because everything's changing
Doesn't mean it's never
Been this way before

All you can do is try to know
Who your friends are
As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light

You'll come back
When it's over
No need to say good bye

You'll come back
When it's over
No need to say good bye

Now we're back to the beginning
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can't feel it too
Doesn't mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
'Til they're before your eyes

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye

You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say good bye

'Power to the peaceful' by Anti-Flag

Sons and daughters of a dream
The urge to struggle for an ideal
To stay and fight
Oppose war fever
Refuse to kill or be killed

There are voices calling in the wind

"Power to the Peaceful"

With a readiness for war
They come down hard on dissent of all forms
Bloody militarism has swept the country by storm
There are voices calling in the wind

Power to the Peaceful

This is not a war of the urging people
This is not a war of economic independence
It's a war for conquest
It's a war for military power
It's a war for money
The road to universal slaughter

There's repression and intolerance
on any deviation from the norm
in all aspects of your life
In this time of entry to war,do you know what to sing?

Power to the Peaceful

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